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BidRazor Advanced Plan Details

Don’t let the name of this plan fool you, although it says “Advanced” it is even simpler to use than our Basic Plan. Why? Our partnership with MagicPlan allows you to instantly create floor plans and then push those plans to BidRazor. Once the plans are transferred you're off to the races by doing minor tweaks to make your bid perfect.

Just like our Basic Plan, the Advanced Plan allows you to initially put in your own parameters  so when you go to a job site all you have to do is push the plan from your MagicPlan App to BidRazor.

This plan includes all the following features:

Standard Features
  • MagicPlan Auto-bids
  • Unlimited Bids
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Manual Input
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Branding                                                                                         

Custom Features
  • Customizable Material Quality Levels
  • Customizable Labor & Sub-Contractor Rates
  • Customizable Profit Margins
  • Customizable Labor Contingencies
  • Customizable Material Contingencies
  • Customizable Retail Comparison