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BidRazor Basic Plan Details

During our focus groups and beta testing we found that a lot of contractors and builders were roped into using an “App” because of pricing only to find that the version they paid for was “basic.”
BidRazor’s Basic Plan is anything but that. It is robust enough for you to take care of all your needs when it comes to creating a budget with all of the factors that help you get the job and price the job. All you need to do initially is put in your parameters so when you go to a job site all you have to do is input quantities and qualities.

Our basic plan includes the following:

Standard Features
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Manual Input
  • E-mail sales and technical support

Custom Features
  • Customizable Material Quality Levels
  • Customizable Labor & Sub-Contractor Rates
  • Customizable Profit Margins
  • Customizable Labor Contingencies
  • Customizable Material Contingencies
  • Customizable Retail Comparison