For Lenders – Slice through the hassle of bad bids.  

As a lender you know all the headaches that can come from any of the following loan types when getting a construction project to close…

  • Traditional Construction Loans
  • Jumbo Construction Loans
  • Fannie Mae Homestyle
  • Fannie Mae HomePath
  • FHA 203K Streamline
  • FHA 203K
  • Portfolio Construction Loans
  • Commercial Construction Loans

Why is there so many headaches to these loans? The biggest reason is there is no standardized formats from one to another. Traditionally contractors bring in a myriad of bids in the most lousy formats making it hard to read and even harder to process or get an appraisal on. Then when it does close its even harder to track and know where all the money is going. It takes a special loan officer to do these loans and with BidRazor we’re making it easier for you to make it look like a breeze.

Want to cut your processing and underwriting time in half? Take a look at some of the awesome features we’ve built to cover each of the loans mentioned earlier. (Demo Video)

With BitRazor we’ve been able to help contractors close FHA 203K loans in 3-4 weeks (and in some cases 2 weeks) Take a look at what Tony Collins the #2 Renovation Lender in the US from Prime Lending has to say about BidRazor:
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