What is BidRazor?

We’ve all heard the saying “TIME = MONEY” but at BidRazor we believe Time IS NOT Money unless you win the job! When we set out to create BidRazor it was designed to save half the time traditionally spent creating bids for construction and renovation projects, but we have made the bidding process so fast and easy that we we ended up cutting time-spent to 1/10th of what it used to take. 

With BidRazor we are creating a new standard for construction and renovation bidding. By creating simple to understand bids for clients and a program that is simple for contractors to use, we are changing the status quo.

We’ve provided a friendly user interface on any web-connected device (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, your computer, etc), which allows contractors the ability to easily update their materials pricing for any type of measurement. They also have the ability to control their labor rates, and profit margins. They now have easy access to quickly bid jobs and provide an all-new level of professionalism.

Not only are we changing the status quo for contractors and their clients, but also for Mortgage Lenders. Today there are no standardized formats from one lender to another. BidRazor is the solution in providing standardized formats to expedite the construction lending process. Mortgage lenders love seeing bids come in from BidRazor - most of their underwriting work is already done! As a result, a huge percentage of BidRazor bids are accepted by lenders, and the lending process is expedited.

What Users Have to Say about BidRazor —

BidRazor has given me the ability to grow the amount of bids I do while staying productive on the jobsite. I’ve been able to hire an assistant who knew nothing about bidding and she is able to quickly and accurately provide me with what I need to win a job.

—Tom McAnally, Gateway In Green

As a property manager my investors look to get accurate pricing when they acquire a home. Most of the work needed is small, but BidRazor gives me the ability to have everything itemized so my investors know what their expenses will be before even making an offer on a home.

—Alann S. PPM Rents

For the last year we have watched the development of BidRazor and had the pleasure of having it used to bid on some of our renovation projects. As a lender who is expected to meet contract closing dates the speed in which BidRazor allows a contractor to accurately provide a detailed bid is a huge boost to our ability to close our purchase and rehab loans in a timely fashion. With renovation financing becoming extremely prominent in our housing market I would strongly advise any contractor looking to break into that business start using BidRazor right away.  It is the perfect tool to allow a contractor meet the expectations of their potential Lender and Realtor referral partners.

—Tony Collins
Renovation Production Manager