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Bidding is a numbers game.  The more bids you can submit, the more projects you can win.  You cannot win the projects you do not or cannot bid for.  Last year we had customers averaging over a bid a day.  They tripled their business over 2012 and the reason was simple: they used BidRazor.  

BidRazor costs as much as a power tool.  Power Tools make you more money by getting the job done faster and better.  BidRazor helps you win the job faster and better.  Sign up today for a free trial or click the links above to learn more.

We’ve provided a friendly user interface on any web-connected device (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, your computer, etc), which allows contractors the ability to easily update their materials pricing for any type of measurement. They also have the ability to control their labor rates, and profit margins. They now have easy access to quickly bid jobs and provide an all-new level of professionalism.

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Not only are we changing the status quo for contractors and their clients, but also for Mortgage Lenders. Today there are no standardized formats from one lender to another. BidRazor is the solution in providing standardized formats to expedite the construction lending process. Mortgage lenders love seeing bids come in from BidRazor - most of their underwriting work is already done! As a result, a huge percentage of BidRazor bids are accepted by lenders, and the lending process is expedited.

We Currently offer two versions of our groundbreaking bidding application. Our Basic Plan allows contractors to manually input their measurements and quantities while the Pro Version syncs with MagicPlan providing instant floor plans and bids.

Want to see even more detail? Check out our free demonstration video to learn all about how BidRazor can save you time, earn you more money, and help you win the job!
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For Contractors:

BidRazor is the power saw of bidding.  It allows you to bid faster and cleaner nailing down more customers.  
For Lenders:

BidRazor slices the paper work allowing you to make decisions faster.  
For Real Estate Agents:

Make it easy for buyers and sellers an easy and accurate estimate for any rehab or remodel job that is lender ready.  
For Investors:

BidRazor slices time and waste cutting the hassle out of the funding process.